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2011 Jingrui Beijing has a higher discount and a profit of 6000 yuan

04-21 15:02
The 2011 Skoda Jingrui (configuration Gallery word-of-mouth Forum) was quietly listed not long ago. The upgraded Fabia Jingrui upgraded the configuration of some models and adjusted the price at the same time. The overall price range of the new model was adjusted from 81900-117900 yuan to 78900-113900 yuan, which significantly improved the cost performance. Shortly after listing, the 2011 Jingrui appeared a certain discount in the Beijing market, with a new higher discount of 6000 yuan.
I can't afford to repair the paint by myself. There is a doorway for car paint repair
04-21 15:02
When you get a new car, the paint is more likely to be damaged. The paint will be damaged if you rub it inadvertently or wash the car carelessly. Generally, slight scratches and scratches on the paint surface will turn white. The paint surface was scratched, but the primer was not exposed, so there was no need to touch up the paint. Polish with coarse wax or wax a few more times, and the scratches will gradually disappear.
04-21 15:02
At this year's North American International Auto Show, Faraday, a new Internet company, launched its first concept car ffzero1 in the future. As an emerging automobile enterprise, Faraday's future products will also tend to be more intelligent and new energy fields. Recently, a group of photos of Faraday's future test car were officially exposed. From the exposed photos, the test vehicle is tested in terms of automatic driving.
04-21 15:02
Announcement No. 13 of 2017 of CNCA announcement of CNCA on adjusting the basis standards for compulsory certification of automotive products
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